"Our mission is to ensure you reach your Health & Fitness goals."



We train people for performance goals such as fun/trail/distance runs, cycling events, team adventure races and triathlons. With a shift in mind-set from fixating on unhealthy dieting and body composition to focusing on an event/goal along with adjusting your diet and lifestyle to complement your training, we see a different side  in our clients as they come to training hungry for success.








Do the hard work up there to enjoy the fun stuff down here....



Eat clean, raw and wholesome foods, drink plenty of water, limited salt and refined foods. Ensure that you supplement your exercise with the appropriate nutrition and never replace real foods for processed alternatives.


Diet is the key to success in all things in life. You can't out train a poor diet and if you neglect your nutrition going into a race it can be the difference between success and failure. Click on the link to find out more on how we approach nutrition as part of the Tri-Fit program






Fitness Timetable


With a team of highly respected coaches in the industry, Tri-Fit stands out from the rest. Our focus towards the active community allows us to take on all walks of life and encourage them to work towards individual goals.  So many people attend gyms with no end goal. This is like driving a car in the fog. We create healthy, happy people who take their goal orientated minds into their personal life too. Click on the fitness button to see the Tri-Fit timetable and info on our classes







To be successful in health you must have the right mind-set. Sports psychologists work closely with elite level athletes to ensure that they are in the right head space ahead of a big event or race.  We host workshops on mind set and offer rewards to members to places like yoga and relaxation therapy centers.


Select the lifestyle button to enter the world of mind set and how you can make positive change in your life today.









Our coaches are passionate about ensuring that you get to where you desire whilst training with us no matter what your fitness level when you begin.


We are seeking those who are committed to their health and wellbeing, who want to workout in a fun environment with like minded people and who want to work towards fitness goals. This could be something as simple as being able to kick the ball in the park with your son without being out of breath, to wanting to stand on the start line with the worlds best. You bring the right attitude and you'll reap the rewards.


If this sounds like you then be sure to come and trial us for 2-weeks for just $50 and see for yourself how we can help you become that next level of fit.




Members Rewards

What Our Clients Say

All Tri-Fit members are rewarded at these local businesses with exclusive discounts and services.

I’ve joined lots of gyms in the past, but have always ended up losing interest in the end!  Tri Fit is different.  In fact I am more motivated now than I was when I joined 18 months ago – and that’s really down to the quality classes and motivating environment that Simon provides.  There is a great range of classes (I do run squad, boxing, spin, strength to name a few), and a fantastic sense of community – everyone – members and trainers alike – is  very encouraging no how big or small your goal.  I am achieving things that I couldn’t have dreamt of 18 months ago (first half marathon coming up soon).  I put that down to the support I get to train hard (but well)  and also Simon’s personal determination that we can all be fit and healthy with the right mindset.  Tri Fit is the best training centre I’ve ever been to and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to get results!

Kate Albert


 can’t recommend Tri-Fit highly enough! Being distinctly average in ability, I know I'm not going to become an elite athlete but at Tri-Fit you get treated like you are. The personalised training and friendly atmosphere gives me the motivation to drag myself out of bed and train for the next event.



The next big event for me is an Ironman 70.3 later in the year. Tri-Fit is going to be vital in providing the core strength and conditioning training required to get me to the start line injury free and ready to compete in one of the biggest challenges of my life! Bring on the kettle bells!

Matt Lyon

Unlimited training with us for only $55 per week!

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